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“Evolution in AI: Meet the GPT Builder – Redefining ChatGPT and Beyond!”

In a shocking twist, ChatGPT is back with an update that’s got the tech world trembling in its booties. Hold onto your keyboards, folks!

The Decoder spilled the silicon beans on the hottest tech leak since that time your coffee met your laptop. It’s the ‘GPT Builder’ – a chatbot creator so advanced it might just write its own resignation letter.

User Choi, a modern-day Nostradamus, hinted at these shenanigans a few days ago. But SEO magician Tibor Blaho decided to play spoiler and showcased this digital Frankenstein’s monster in a video. You can now build your very own chatbot, like a creepy digital Dr. Frankenstein, minus the castle.

This ‘GPT Builder’ lets you whip up chatbots faster than you can say “tech apocalypse.” Just throw it a prompt like “create a chatbot that generates visuals for new products,” and watch the cyber-magic unfold.


The ‘Create’ tab is where you get to choose your chatbot’s personality, quirks, and writing style. Want it to sound like Shakespeare or the neighborhood cat lady? It’s your call. The ‘Configure’ tab is where you name your digital buddy, give it an identity crisis, and set boundaries (no junk food after 10 PM). You can even upload your own digital encyclopedia for your chatbot to binge-watch.

But wait, there’s more! You can give your creation mad skills like web browsing, data analysis, and image generation. It’s basically the James Bond of chatbots. There’s even a “Preview pane” to test your chatbot’s patience, I mean, performance.

That’s not all, folks! Rumor has it OpenAI is planning to release a ‘Team’ subscription plan for businesses. So now, even your boss can have a pet chatbot. With ‘Flexible’ and ‘Annual’ options, it’s like picking a family phone plan. The screenshot suggests it’s a steal at $25 per user, per month, with a minimum of three users required. You could say it’s the tech world’s Costco membership.

Recent ChatGPT updates brought us live web results, image generation, and even voice chat. For more giggles and wild predictions, stay tuned for OpenAI’s developer conference. Let the AI uprising commence!

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